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lunes, 14 de marzo de 2011

rFactor V8Factor Unleashed V1.0 Released¡!

Nuevo addons V8 Unleashed con los coches de 2010, requiere tener instalado la base del mod Beta 0.9

Add-on Season 2010  –  !!!REQUIRES V8FU BASE INSTALL!!!
Australian V8 Supercars MOD for rFactor by Team ORSM (OCEANIA RACE SIM MODDERS)

Opciones Recomendadas en el PLR:

Your Player file is called "[yourplayername].PLR" located in rFactor/UserData/[yourplayername] and can be opened in Notepad. NOTE: Editing the PLR file is done at your own risk. We suggest you backup the file by renaming it to [yourplayername].bak before editing.
– Low Detail UI="0" -> Default is "1". Increase the visual quality of the User Interface (UI) by making this value "0".
– Autocalibrate AI Mode="0" -> Default is "0". When this feature is switched on (by changing it to "1") rFactor ignores the talent files, meaning all AI will have the same skills as each other. If you are not creating track learning files make sure its set on "0" for the best AI racing.
AI Limiter="0.00000" -> Default is "1". The V8Factor AI race better when this parameter is set to zero. Otherwise you occasionally get one or two cars having an extremely slow lap, which tends to cause collisions.

3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Gran mod, los coches del 2010 una pasada, recomiendo quitar el RealFeel o modificarlo a su gusto ya que cuesta llevar asi los coches, bueno para gustos colores.

rf.resources dijo...

Se tendrá en cuenta para proximos eventos en rFactor Resources.

Anónimo dijo...

Hay templates para pintar autos?

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